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ePSXe step by step guide  

Step 1 : Requirements
Step 2 : Starting the emulator
Step 3 : Configuring the BIOS
Step 4 : Configuring the video options
        Step 4.1 : Pete's video plugins
Step 5 : Configuring the sound
        Step 5.1 : Pete's sound plugins
        Step 5.2 : ePSXe sound plugin (recommended)
Step 6 : Configuring the CD-Rom
Step 7 : Configuring the memcards
Step 8 : Configuring the gamepads
Appendix : Help from the psxdatacenter

Other help sources  

When you read through the guide, make sure to check out the unofficial ePSXe FAQ, as it answers many game related and common problems. When you still haven't been able to solve your problem, just ask a user on our forums or join us in our chat room !

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