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ePSXe Chat room  

When you reached this point, we suppose you've already read every FAQ and the step by step guide in our help section. When you still have a question left which isn't answered anywhere, then you can come to the ePSXe chat room. But keep in mind that the following rules also apply there, and when you only violate them ONCE we'll already have you banned out of there. Other than that, there're many friendly people in there who'll be able to help you, as long as you keep to those rules :
  1. ISO and BIOS requests are NOT allowed in the chat room (this includes links to those sites as well)
  2. Do NOT spam the chat room. Ask your question once in a friendly manner. If no one answers, we're all either asleep or we simply don't know the answer.
  4. Warez are forbidden. Don't ask for 'r3gged sci tech display d0ctor serial numbahZ' or anything stupid like that.
  5. Do not ask for or when any new version of ePSXe is coming out. It's out when it's out.
  6. Make sure that your question is not asked and answered correctly in our help section.
  7. No colors, underlined/bold fonts or any text decoration - this is considered flood and will immediately cause you to be banned from the room.
Like mentioned above, any violation of these rules will IMMEDIATELY get you banned from the room. If you're still reading this and agree to all the terms above, you may enter our chat :

Enter the chat room

E-Mail adresses  

Last but not least, you can of course write us an E-Mail. But please keep in mind that we're neither here to answer your support questions nor to send you any betas, BIOS files or ISOs. Questions and problems related to the webpage and the boards please go to Bobbi@psxemu.com.
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