ePSXe help - Requirements  

Here is a list of the required files :

  • ePSXe101.zip
  • PSX's bios. (scph1001, scph7502)
  • a video plugin
  • (optional) sound plugins
  • (optional) cdrom plugins

    1) ePSXe101.zip is the official ePSXe pack, it includes the emulator (ePSXe.exe) and the folders that the emulator need.

    2) You must to have a PSX bios, which you may only be in possession if you're legally entitled to. You can dump your PSX bios, using a gameshark or a action replay, or you can download it from some internet webpage. Sorry, we can't give it.

    3) You need at least one video plugin. See in the bottom table for find the best video plugin for your videoboard.

    Graphic card GPU Plugin
    ATI Radeon Pete OpenGL
    Geforce 256, Geforce 2 Pete OpenGL
    TNT, TNT2 Pete OpenGL
    G200, G400 Pete D3DX6
    Voodoo 2, Banshee Lewpy Glide
    Voodoo 3 Lewpy Glide (16bit) or Pete D3DDX7
    Voodoo 5 Lewpy Glide or Pete D3DDX7
    ATI Rage 128/ATI Expert Pete D3DDX7

    4) (Optional) ePSXe has an included a internal sound plugin. It should work correctly in many games. If you have problems with the sound using it you can try Pete's sound plugin or Null's sound plugin.

    5) (Optional) ePSXe also has two internal cdrom plugins. The first is an ASPI cdrom plugin for use under win9x and the second is a cdrom plugin programmed using a windows nt native API recommended for win2k/winnt.

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