CPU and misc Configuration

This section you will show the CPU and misc configuration options supported.

1. CPU frameskip

It will speed up the emulator, but the video frame rate will be lower. It uses a experimental mode, which has been tested only in some games. You can choose "disabled", "enabled", or "enabled only in high resolution games".

2. Show FPS

If you want to see the number of frame per second on gameplay, enable this option.

3. MME Enable

Enable/Disable/Force multimedia extension. With MME enabled it should be faster, but could be less accurate in some cases. Don't force in devices without neon support, or it will crash!

4. Autosave on Exit

ePSXe supports autosave on exit. It will save your state when you will exit of ePSXe. It is not recommend, because it uses multi-threading and in some cases the state could get corrupted. Enable to autosave on exit, and show a load dialog at re-start the game.

5. Game browser Mode

Enable file browser when choosing games. Use it when crashing on scanning for games

6. Resume game prompt dialog

Show or hide the dialog shown when restarting emu

7. Confirm exit dialog

Show or hide the confirm dialog on exit

8. Show PSX Logo on start

Show the PSX log during the start.