Features & Compatibility

ePSXe includes multiple video, audio and controls features.PSX games compatibility is very high. It supports Android tablets and smartphones and it includes optimized versions for ARM and Intel devices. Youtube channel showing some features


Minimum system requirements:
Android 2.3 Gingerbread
ARMv7 or X86
256 MB of RAM
Multi touch screen support or hw keys or external gamepad

Recommended system configuration:
Android 7.0/8.X
ARMv7 with Neon!!
+1200Mhz dual core
Fast GPU card with good OpenGL support
512 MB of RAM
Fast and big sdcard
Multi touch screen support or hw keys or external gamepad

Video orientation & aspect ratio
Landscape mode. Supporting multiple digital/analog/gun configurable touchscreen gamepad skins.
Portrait mode. Including a pretty touchscreen gamepad skin on the bottom of the screen.
Full screen. You can choose 4:3, stretched full screen ratio, or widescreen. You can also remove the top/bottom blank bands on PAL games.

Video engine & filtering
Hardware/Software gpu engine mode. Accurated and fast software based gpu, including x2 resolution, FXAA shader and optimized with Neon instructions. Included a software mode for old legacy devices with bad opengl drivers.
OpenGL HD graphics powered by Peopsxgl Plugin. Increase resolution of the games to your device resolution, including additional filtering options.
Enable or disable filtering for people waiting to see the games how it was in the original PSX.

Audio Quality & Latency
ePSXe provides an very accurate audio engine supporting all PSX audio effects (volume, enveloping, reverb, noise, frecuency modulation, interpolation ...), and all of sound modes (PCM, XA and CDDA). Depending on your device speed, you can choose full audio effects (required in some games) or disable some audio effects to improve the emulation speed.

ePSXe provides several modes to manage the audio latency between input/video and audio. By default epsxe uses a big audio buffer which provides more framerate and average speed emulation, but it can add extra audio latency. ePSXe includes some low latency modes, "low" and "very low" reduces the sound buffer in order to get a lower audio latency but requiring more cpu.

Controls and Input Modes
ePSXe supports up to 4 players on games supporting multitap. It is possible to control the game using the touchscreen, hardware keys (such as Xperia Play) or external gamepads (using OTG-USB wire or bluetooth).

ePSXe includes a special 2 players mode using split screen technology, which is really fun on 7/10" tablets.
ePSXe emulates different kind of PSX input modes (gamepads). It supports "Digital only gamepad" and "DualShock - with analog controls" (using touchscreen, hardware keys or external gamepad), and "Namco Gun and Konami Gun" (using touchscreen).
Touchscreen Controls
ePSXe provides several touchscreen skins supporting "digital" and "analog" controls. You can switch between digital and analog when choosing the DualShock mode using the swap mode button. The skin can also be hidden in order to play with hardware keys or external gamepads.
The touchscreen skin can be edited before playing. You can move, hide and resize the buttons on the skin. In the editor screen you can modify the "digital" and the "analog" skin to match your requirements.

ePSXe supports adding until 6 extra touchscreen buttons to map extra emulation options such as: "combo buttons" (2 buttons on 1), "sticky buttons", or special options (load/save states, enable/disable framelimit).

Bluetooth/USB gamepads and hardware buttons
ePSXe supports using hardware buttons in phones or tablets including it (such xperia play or Archos Gamepad), ePSXe can also be used with an external gamepad (using bluetooth or OTG-USB). It is possible to use the digital buttons, and it supports the analog sticks and shoulder triggers.

ePSXe includes gamepad profiles for: Moga, Moga PRO, Sixaxis - PS3, Xperia Play, Nyko Gamepad PRO, IPega, Sixaxis, Xbox 360, Archos, Nvidia Shield and Ouya including mappings options which permits to map any kind of Android supported gamepads.

ePSXe supports mapping some buttons to additional functions such as save/load states, menu and enable/disable framelimit.
Cheats codes
ePSXe supports Gameshark cheat codes builtin. In order to get the cheatcodes you can download list of cheatcodes and copy them on your device in the format defined in the configuration section, or you can use the in game option "download cheatcodes", which will access a big archive of cheatcodes provided by psxdatacenter.com.

The games must be provided by the users, you can dump your own games from your original CDROMs or getting them from shops such as eBay or Amazon to very low prices.

ePSXe supports different game/iso formats. It supports: cue/bin, cue/multi-bin, img/ccd, mds/mdf, pbp, nrg, cdi, ecm and iso. ePSXe requires that the games are uncompressed on the sdcard (previously to detect and run the games), so you could need tools such as "7zipper".

ePSXe includes a gamelist with cover art and game info support after scanning the sdcard and finding games (information and cover are downloaded from internet)
ePSXe supports creating shortcuts to the games from the Gamelist screen, clicking for a long time on the game entry will create a game icon in your tablet/phone which can be executed directly.

Multi-Disc games are supported, an option is available during gameplay which allows changing the disc.
Memcards and Savestates
ePSXe supports saving savestates and memcards. It is fully compatible with ePSXe for Windows/Linux, so you can contine your games in your different devices.

It is recommended to do backup of your saved games (especially to the memcards which are shared by all of games).

ePSXe includes a "run bios" option which provides access to the PSX memory card editor that can be used to move and delete your memcard saves

ePSXe includes support to upload/download memcards and savestates to Dropbox, to share between your devices

ePSXe supports around 98% of the PSX games, including more than 5000 different games. In order to see an extensive list of supported games you can access :

PSX DataCenter

Some of the supported games are:
  • Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX/Tactics
  • Dragon warrior IV/VII
  • Chrono Cross
  • Megal Gear Solid
  • Gran Turismo 1/2
  • Tomb Raider 1/2/3/4
  • Colin Mc Rae 1/2
  • Crash Bandicoot 1/2/3
Additional features
  • Change disc for multi disc games.
  • Enable/Disable framelimit.
  • Dynamic touchscreen gamepad.
  • Enable/Disable frameskip.
  • PSX Bios autofinder.
  • PPF patch support (for translations).
  • Subchannel using sub/sbi formats.
  • 7z/zip uncompressing tools.
  • Libcrypt support.
  • Autofire support.
  • Android Tv support.
  • Cardboard support.
  • Local netplay.
  • Show PSX logo during game boot.