Customer support

ePSXe Software SL built the ePSXe for Android app as a commercial app. This SERVICE is provided by ePSXe Software SL is intended for use as is.

This page is used to inform app users regarding our support channel.

Technical support email

This app is developed by the ePSXe Software SL, you can contact with the support emailing to or using the option help>Email to Customer Support, which will include, in your email, information about your epsxe configuration in order to help you.

Technical support conditions

The support team will reply back your email within 3 business days providing a solution or requesting more information about your technical request. In order to get a faster service, please provide the next information in your request: information about your device model, ps1 game used, country of the game, gpu renderer used, a description of the problem and which scene was your running the game.

We are using different email support templates, which we will use in case that you do not provide information in your request, or in case that the support team consider that the template is useful for your request. Anyway all of requests are processed by one of the members of the support team.

Technical support language

We are only providing support in English or Spanish. Please use a translate tool to translate your request to English if you require to use other language.

Technical support: refunds

Please check our refunds policy in case that you want to request a refund check our refunds policy.

Config and troubleshooting page

We are providing a web page with information about how to config the emulator, howto setup your gamepad or how to configure the rest of main options. Besides this page is including a FAQ Config and troubleshooting page.

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