How to Setup the emulator

This section you will show the steps required to get the emulator configurated and running.

0. Select the ePSXe base folder (ePSXe 2.0.16 + Android 11+)

In Android 11+, you will have to pick a base folder in your device for what ePSXe can save the memcards/savestates and other required files.
  • If it is your first install, create a NEW folder and select that folder (in Pick folder or in Preferences>Storage prefernces>ePSXe base folder).
  • If you have used a previous version of ePSXe, you will have a folder called "epsxe" in the root of you device "/storage/emulated/epsxe or /sdcard/epsxe". Click in "Pick Folder" or press in Preferences>Storage prefernces>ePSXe base folder then select that folder, so ePSXe 2.0.16 will be able to access to your previouly stored memcards/savestates and other files storaged in this folder (for example bios or games).

1. Configure the PSX Bios (SCPH1001 or SCPH7502) file

You need the PSX Bios, this file is copyrighted by Sony (please read the disclaimer below). It is a 512Kb file called "SCPH1001.bin" or "SCPH7502.bin" (other bios are supported, but these are the most common used), you can get it searching on google or coolrom. After downloading and uncompressing if it would be in zip/7z or rar format, click on "Run bios" button. In Android 11+, you will have to pick the file in the file browser, in Android 10 or less the first time ePSXe will scan your sdcard to find the path where it was saved, and will auto-configure the path on preferences. If it doesn't find the bios you can go to preferences>bios preferences>bios path and choose the right path. If the bios was properly installed you tap on "run bios" button you will see some screens similar to the included in the previous screenshot.

2. Getting and running your first PSX game

The games must be provided for the users. You can dump your PSX games from CDROM on a PC (you can buy tons really cheaps on eBay or Amazon), or getting the game from internet. The games are copyrighted by different companies (please read the disclaimer below). To test the emulator, you could download a playable demo (it is not a full game, it is just a demostration), for example: Spyro the Dragon - demo or more playable demos. These demos are usually 7z/rar/zip compressed, so you will have to uncompress it with a app such as 7zipper before playing, and you will get a bin/cue or img/ccd files. 7zipper is really easy to use, simply open the app, click and browsing on the sdcard folder search the path where you put the game, and click over it to choose the final path to uncompress. After that, click on "Run game" button. In Android 11+, you will have give permissions to ePSXe to access to the folder where you have the games, press in the button "+" in the top right, or put in the game in other folder previously added and it will be auto-scanned. In Android 10 or less, ePSXe will scan your sdcard to find the path where the games was saved and it will create a list of games, which you can click to start to play. If the game was properly installed and you tap on "run game" button you will see some screens similar to the included in the previous screenshot.

3. Check external storage permissions (Android 11+)

If you are unable to access to bios, savestates/memcards or games, your phone could have the external storage permissions disabled. Please follow this steps:
  • go into Android Settings
  • search for All files access and tap it
  • tap the 3-dot menu in the top-right corner and tap Show System
  • in the list, locate and tap External Storage
  • enable the Allow access to manage all files permission
  • restart epsxe

Disclaimer and copyright

Sony Playstation is a registered trademark of Sony. All mentioned games are registered trademarks of their authors or marks (basically you have to own the original Playstation game which you will be going to use). You may only be in possession of the copyrighted BIOS if you're legally entitled to do so (basically you have to own a Sony Playstaion or borrow one). ePSXe team will NOT provide in any case links to copyrighted software. Neither the ePSXe Team software nor its authors are affiliated with Sony, videogame companies, roms/isos websites, "7zipper" or "Every BIOS" authors or companies.